We are very keen to hear from anyone interested in donating time for the benefit of the children. As education, health care, shelter and feeding are of paramount importance, we would like to hear from anyone willing to promote health and prevent illness in the community.  Whether you have teaching skills, organizational skills, carpentry skills, or merely a big heart ~ we need your help to work at the Children's Center and partner Schools on a voluntary basis.  
Please contact us at, 
kigundus6@gmail.com  / audacityvolunteersug@gmail.com

During term time, each volunteer will need to:
  • Speak a very good standard of English
  • Love children and enjoy talking to them
  • Be able to teach either primary or secondary school lessons
Other opportunities are:
  • Mentoring/tutoring children
  • Marking exam papers
  • Fundraising - come ready with some ideas!
The headmaster and director of studies work closely with the volunteers and interns during the school term.

Term times
Term 1: February to mid-April
Term 2: Mis-May to early August
Term 3: Early September to early December

School holidays
During school holidays, everything slows down and there are no teaching opportunities during this time. There are many other activities you will be able to lead the children in, some of which are:
  • Sports training/games
  • Craft making
  • Choir - the secondary school have a choir who love to sing!
  • Dance
  • Drama
Other possible opportunities for work during the holidays are:
  • Fundraising - the project always needs and appreciates those who are able to raise money
  • Construction
  • Brick making
  • Gardening
  • Carpentry
     NOTE;  Please come prepared for the activities you will undertake, such as bringing craft resources, tools for work, sports plans and equipment, drama sketched, dance routines, music players with portable speakers, teachable sheet music for choir and any other resources that will assist you in whatever you will do with the children. The activities with the children will be self-managed so be organised! This is a great time to use and share your skills with others.

Holiday dates
Mid-April to mid-May (3 weeks)
Early August to early September (3-4 weeks)
Early December to the end of January (7-8 weeks) 

Volunteering (who do we need)

      Audacity Volunteers Uganda(Save Children) offers an excellent opportunity for individuals and groups to work directly with the children in our orphanages in Uganda. The children are brilliant, and love to receive visitors.

   Volunteers have the opportunity help out in a number of ways. They can help children learn to read or use a computer, play a game of soccer.

  We are looking for volunteers who love working with children and have a flair for creativity. You will teach small classes in our school on site. Qualified teachers and general volunteers are all welcome.

    You will be engaged in various activities, mainly teaching and helping out in the children’s home. You can organize special activities in the library, such as art classes, recorder lessons, tutoring reading etc.

      Volunteers teach classes of around 15-30 children. We encourage volunteers to focus on teaching remedial reading and writing and working with arts and crafts with the children. Although there are some arts and crafts supplies brought from volunteers at the center, we rely on the volunteers to utilize these items. Your mornings will involve working in the kindergarten, and after lunch having you have time to visit home and play games.


 You will be accommodated in our project hostel located at Nansana just beside our primary school.


     Become our partner! Get involved with us in a variety of ways and make a lasting impact on the children we serve.

    Become a Virtual Volunteer: discuss ideas on how to increase our awareness, involve your school or company in a fundraising events and to become an advocate on behalf of Mother Care Foundation (MCF)/ Audacity Volunteers Uganda (Save Children)(AVUSC)

      Christmas Gifts: Many organizations, companies, churches   and homes offer gifts as well as grants during Christmas seasons as their individual contributions towards children charities.

      Occasion party!  - Birthday, graduation, anniversary - you can host a fun-filled event and ask your friends to bring a gift or a financial contribution in honor of the festivity. No contribution is too small!

    Community Networking: Join our community at Face book,  You will be able to meet other of one mind people, upload videos, and share news and ideas that can have a positive impact on our mission.

    Create your own web page: Dedicate a web page that you create to Audacity to love children center. You can easily upload a direct link to our website as well as a DONATE NOW button so that your friends can make a contribution easily and securely.

 Share child sponsorship with your church, class or family: Invite a group of friends or loved ones to share a sponsorship with you.

 Tell us your idea: Is there a creative and fun way that others can easily join to make a difference? Share those ideas! We would love to hear them.

Who are our Volunteers?

Our appreciation goes to the all of our volunteers, who come from a wide variety of countries including USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, and many more! We love to welcome volunteers from all over the world.

Through volunteering you take part in reaching the millions in the unreached territories of the world.
Volunteering can be work that comforts the heart of the distressed.  Holidays are special occasions that take on extra meaning when shared with your foreign friends.

If you do not volunteer, you will never expose your abilities to other peoples and cultures. 

    Volunteers also gain an extensive portfolio of skills and experiences which can be crucial after graduation from high school, college, or whatever stage in life you may be in. 
Through your volunteer work with us, you may even develop and recognize skills such as communication, management, problem solving, leadership and team work, and also enhance your employability. 
But most of all, the orphans and vulnerable children with whom we work will benefit tremendously from your efforts and generosity. 

We hope these reasons are enough for you.           

AVUSC Volunteers  work in the areas of  
• Child care for infants
• Teaching children at the centre
• Education campaigns
• Assisting teachers
Working toward women's empowerment
• Working with people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS
• Sharing your professional skills/experience
• Assisting local Medical clinics
• Community Health education
• Vocation training and life skills
• Safety campaigns 
• Children’s rights campaigns (Preventing Violence against children)
• Fight AIDS, teach children, work with community  development in
  villages; build schools, wells and clinics
• Make home-visits assisting patients with medical and nutritional needs. 

Volunteer Arrangements
     Direct volunteers pay an Application fee of  $200. The application fee covers administration, volunteer program information and communication, transport to and from the airport in Entebbe (more than one hour away).   This fee is paid to us at the time the volunteer arrives at AVUSC  in Uganda.
Below is the program fee break-down which you will need to pay depending on the period of your stay with AVUSC
Cost for 1 month $ 300
               2 weeks $ 200
               1 week   $ 100  
   This covers accommodation, food, and modest contribution to our utility bills.Meals are cooked in a local restaurant owned by the Project Coordinator's wife and features a variety of local foods.
    Volunteers stay with one another in shared rooms, with one or two bunk beds in a room.  Men and woman are separate unless a couple comes and wishes to stay together) at the Center.  Families are welcome too!  For those intending to stay for more than six months, special arrangements can be made for their stay at AVUSC

      AVUSC  Would like to invite partners from the entire world to join us. We are dedicated to help orphans and vulnerable children, and our intention of creating a network is to join hands together with other organization or individuals from all corners of the globe. 
        As partners, we can also exchange ideas, information, challenges, and experience to support the needs of our orphans with whom we work.

      We cannot ignore the plight of these children any more. It is time to accept our responsibility as a caring world community and work to make a positive change in the lives of children.

    Every child in Uganda has the right to education, health, equality, safety, and a joyful childhood.  Do join us in our efforts to ensure that this is a reality for many vulnerable children in Central Uganda.

               Love, Light, Joy and Peace on the Planet Earth WE ARE ALL ONE.