Area Of Focus


1.      To advocate for the children rights which include development, protection, equality and participation.

2.      Provide  basic care and support for orphans and  vulnerable children, which include Health care and sanitation , feeding,  beddings, utensils, transport to health units, a roof over their head.

3.      Enroll orphans and vulnerable children in schools; provide education and scholastic materials that work as a safety net in the Childs life.

4.      HIV / AIDS Prevention and education, care and treatment of opportunistic infections.

5.      MCF (AVU) Youth Anti-AIDS clubs aiming to form youth clubs in every community, educate, care and prevent the spread of HIV among the youth  by providing:

      -   Knowledge and information about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health;

      - Skills and confidence to negotiate difficult situations;

      - Services oriented to young people that are affordable, welcoming and convenient and services to their needs;

      -  A safe and supportive environment that provide unconditional love  and support from a caring adult.

6.      AVUSC  Children's home:  in line with government policies, AVUSC  children home, does not institutionalize children without cause, but helps to settle them within their families

7.      Research on violence against children

 (AVUSC) operates a number of child care centers for children who do not have any parent or guardians who can adequately take care of them.  In the MFC children are provide with:

Formal Primary Education as their right to learn and develop in the structured and supportive environment of school.

Basic Services, on addition to education, orphans need shelter and access to basic services, such as: health, nutrition, safe water and sanitation.  These children may also require legal advice and support, and as they get older, these orphans need a way to earn an income.

Psychological support to orphans and children living with dying parents, who need compassion and support. This helps orphans to express their feelings openly - to us as friends, peer group or counselors, without fear of being stigmatized or discriminated against.

Caring environment - Orphans and vulnerable children  need the close relationship, personal care and cultural connections that families provide. AVUSC is involved in helping make decisions that affect the future of these children, their siblings, and their protection and care. In our centers, orphans are accepted without regard to race, religion, ethnic background or national origin.

AVUSC creates a supportive environment to increase the availability of services to HIV/AIDS prevention, education, care and treatment of opportunistic infection. Also, we try our utmost to provide emotional/psychosocial support, and counseling to our children too.  We strive to create an environment in which religious support is provided, recreation is encouraged, and life skills are developed.  In the process, it  we seek to eliminate the stigma and discrimination that accompies the transmission of parent to child HIV / AIDS and provide knowledge, information and youth friendly services on adolescent sexual and reproductive health to our youth.

AVUSC  also advocate for the prevention and treatment of all illnesses in the community, and to encourage the formation of child focused community links, which provide counseling and support services for children living with HIV/AIDS.

  (AVUSC) Provides Knowledge and Information About:

·        Sexuality and sexual and reproductive health in order that they can understand how they are body function and make informed choices about their behavior;

·         Transmission , risks and prevention of HIV;

·           Economic and social  pressures that make girls particularly vulnerable to  unwanted or unsafe sex;

·          Choices available  to them, including  the avoidance of sexual relations before marriage;

·          Where to get voluntary and confidential counseling and testing for HIV, information on preventing infections, as well as care, support and medical treatment for those infected;

·        Their rights and responsibilities in the context of HIV/AIDS.

 (AVUSC) Provides   Services for Young People that:

·         Are affordable, welcoming, convenient and services to their needs, such services can include pre-marital counseling, voluntary and confidential counseling  and testing for HIV, control of sexuality transmitted infections  and to encourage abstinence  as a tool in prevention of HIV/AIDS;

·         Make available psychological counseling and support for managing grief, stress and discrimination, particularly for young people living with HIV or AIDS;

·         Offer peer-to-peer counseling, which is often the most effective way to provide education and support for young people.

  (AVUSC)Creates A Supportive Environment that:

·         Provides unconditional love and support from a caring adult, whether a parent or other family member, trusted teacher or religious leader or designated member of the community;

·        Offers young people a place within their faith community to talk openly and without fear of criticism about their feelings about HIV/AIDS. Sexuality, death and other issues, whether in counseling session, youth group or after school clubs;

·        Gives them a voice and a meaningful role in community decision-making and programs, especially regarding HIV prevention strategies for young people;

·        Provides employment skills and opportunities

 ·       Provides role models for responsible behavior.


Nearly 12 million young people, aged 15-24, are living with HIV or AIDS.  Every day, nearly 6000 young people become infected by HIV.  Ignorance about HIV/AIDS is one of the fundamental reasons why young people are vulnerable to HIV, and infection.   But life can be joyful for these vulnerable children.

                    We are doing our part to make difference,  We invite you to do the same ,

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