Goals And Objectives

OUR MISSION,  Provide Education, Skills Programs, child life planning that are taking into account Education, Homing every Child, Healthcare, Incredible skilling, future visioning and child rights protection,

SLOGAN; Love In Action

--To provide a formal, high quality education to ALL of the orphans and vulnerable children that we educate and care for from Nursery through Secondary School.  
--To provide vocational life skills and training to any of our orphans and vulnerable children who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend the university.  

--To ensure that all children who live at the center will have 3 healthy nutritious meals per day.

--To ensure that the students that do not live at the center are provided with 1 healthy nutritious meal per day. 
--To provide a conducive home to as many orphans and vulnerable children as we can, either at our Center, or through placement with adult guardians in the community. 

Healthy Physical Environment
--To create and maintain a clean and healthy physical environment to enable our children to learn, play, grow physically fit, and relax.  

--To ensure that all the children that we care for are provided with adequate clothing. 

Health Care and Medication
--To make sure that all children that we take care of are provided with adequate health care, proper hygiene, and medication if necessary.  
--To secure and provide both adequate health care and psycho-social support for our children who are living with  HIV/AIDS, as well has help to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.               
-- To encourage our  children to live spiritual, god-centered lives, in order to discover and achieve God's kingdom and become celestial heirs,

Moral Development
--To instill strong social morals and appropriate behaviors in the orphans and vulnerable children with whom we work.  

--To provide life skills to our children so that they will become self-reliant adults.  

Children's Rights
--To advocate for children's rights and encourage the World Community to participate in these efforts in Central Uganda. 

Please join us in our efforts to honor  these beautiful children and provide them with a life to which they are surely  entitled.

                    Love, Light, Joy and Peace on the Planet Earth WE ARE ALL ONE