AUDACITY VOLUNTEERS UGANDA(Save Children) (AVUSC) also known as MOTHER CARE FOUNDATION is currently focusing on a local community based projects in Uganda. This project supports almost 750 of Uganda's most vulnerable children across 3 different facilities. We help provide food, shelter, clothing and an education for all of these children as well as important vocational skills which will serve them throughout their life, and you can help too

Audacity Volunteers Uganda(Save Children(AVUSC) is a registered organization  in Uganda, interested in improving and providing high quality education to orphans, children   from extreme poor families and children neglected of  their right to education in Uganda.

We are operating elementary schools , All our partner schools, support orphans and other vulnerable children almost 750 children. We are a community development solution to support our community children,

  • Child  neglect occurs in all sections of our society, but the risk factors are greater in  orphaned families, parents  having economic  challenges ,have difficulty controlling anger, alcohol or drugs abused ,have little to no education and were abused or neglected as children, 


                                  NEGLECTING  CHILDREN THE BIGGEST CRISIS,

  • Neglected children end up not going to school or dropping out early leading to future unskilled or semi-skilled labour force. They therefore, are potentially trapped in poverty circles since they are likely to attract very low pay wages that hardly cater for their individual basic needs as well as for their immediate families.


God has commanded to care for and advocate for them. Children are the sacrificial lambs when families breakdown. Because they have no political right to be heard and no vote, they are usually marginalized

More than 150 million children between the ages of five and 14 years work for a living in developing countries, with half of the number working full time. About 1.8 million children are also exploited in prostitution and pornography and 1.2 million others become victims of trafficking annually

it’s the work of (AVUSC)/ MCF to serve as an advocate for children to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and to enable them to become responsible adults.


AVUSC/ MCF is targeted to enroll 2000 children in more than 30 government and private schools to develop and nurture the child in physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and moral development.                                                                                         

            WHY (AVUSC) / MCF ??
          I always thought that beggars were those who were homeless – but these are not beggars. They are working children. These children work on the streets everyday and their number is increasing. I never saw these many beggars when I was growing up. Maybe it is the population. But now the street kids are everywhere, outside restaurants, outside malls and at traffic signals. Either begging or collecting scarps for selling Many children are selling scraps, but in my heart I feel angry with the parents for allowing this. At times I have seen that the parents are fit and fine and are simply using their kids. 

      AVUSC/ MCF  is a recognized non-profit organization that provides programs and services in education and health to improve the well-being of children who face the harsh realities of poverty. 
To carry out its mission, AVUSC)/ MCF engages staff and volunteers who are trained to understand the positive impact that education and good health  can have on children and on community. 

        AVUSC /MCF  will take its programs and services to any place where children are denied of education and health.   It will train and engage a local group of staff and volunteers to work collaboratively with and within a community to help it overcome those factors that most impede social and economic well being.  In promoting hope, education, love and protection, HELP strives to make the world a better place and to make anyone associated with the organization better for that experience,

Target group
  • Children living with HIV/AIDS
  • Street children
  • Children living in excessive poverty
  • Orphans and vulnerable children
  • Children selling scraps (children working on streets)
  • Working children (house girls, house boys, children working in stone quarries) Every child has the right to education without discrimination. In Uganda, huge numbers of children are denied this right by their parents or guardian, yet the government of Uganda provides free education to every primary child some guardian/ parents are ignoring the government schools, failing to provide adequate education for their children bright their future,

AVUSC/ MCF  is calling upon the governments; donor’s to address grave violations of the right to education for Ugandan children.
           Some reasons why children work on streets

      Know that the street children are not always homeless, but simply poor like the majority of other children
They explain that l, their parents are unemployed. They send their kids to beg, collect and sell scraps because they know that children earn more money as people do not like to give to adults. Also, people look more kindly on child street hawkers, and as a result the kids earn more money.

              What the rural poor who come in drove into the city need is proper training.

   In Uganda children are seen as insurance policies. Hence the rush to get married early and have children so that they can be made to work and support the family. The parents who force the children to work have no shame because they are uneducated and have themselves done that for 12-15 years. So they think it is normal.