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      AVUSC has now expanded to 2 District's in rural areas to help orphans and vulnerable children where local people have very limited resources to meet the needs of children.

      One of (AVUSC)'s main objectives is to be able to meet our commitments to the children in the Center to look after them until they are in a position to support themselves.  This means that we have an obligation to generate sufficient reserves to meet the funding requirements needed to maintain the Center and look after the welfare of the children.

       To enable us to provide services for these vulnerable children,  AVUSC started an "Adopt a Child Partnership"program. This provides an opportunity for those interested in supporting this work to take financial responsibility for one or more children on a monthly basis.

         We invite you to make a secure MONTHLY RECURRINGDONATION that will support the children and projects of MFC (AVUSC)
Sponsorship costs

        Just $1 per day. $30 per month. $360 per year. for primary children, Remarkably, this sponsorships  money will do more than just pay for a child’s food and education. It actually covers his or her entire share of our orphanage school operating costs…things like clothing, electrical bills,class repairs, furniture , food and more.

        This recurring donation translates into approximately  23 Euros, or 33 Canadian dollars, or 19 Pounds Sterling each month to 'sponsor a child'.  We have set the recurring donation amounts below to match these targets.
    We are able to achieve this because so many of our expenditures are off-set by fees generated from our school

How to Sponsor a child,
     You can choose from the sponsorship options listed below, you become a member of our family of sponsors and we will send you regular school reports, photos and letters from the child whom you sponsor. Sponsorship commitments are made on Termly or annually and at the end of your sponsorship year you will be given the opportunity to continue to support your child as he or she continues to progresses.

Sponsor child now at Sicops project

Your sponsorship will provide the following:

  • School fees for the year
  • Uniform/ sportswear/ sweater/ socks
  • Breakfast and lunch in school for the year
  • Stationery and school supplies in school
  • Sanitary items, i.e. toilet paper, brush etc.

Become a Supporter

      Audacity Volunteers Uganda(Save Children)(AVUSC)  is always keen to encourage
supporters in a host of ways.  Whether you own a Company and would like to support our charity, whether you are an individual thinking of undertaking a challenge, such as running a marathon and raising funds for a charity, or whether you wish to form a 'supporters' group, we are always delighted and appreciative to receive your contributions to enable us to better take care of our children.

      Consider the possibility of committing to a recurring monthly donation to support one or more children at AVUSC

We cannot ignore the plight of these children any more.  It is time to accept our responsibility as a caring community and work to make a positive change in the lives of children.


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